May 26, 2022 / Buying

Why Inflation Shouldn’t Stop You From Buying A Home.

If you’re following along with the news today, you’re probably hearing about increasing home prices, rising consumer costs, supply chain constraints, and more. These inflationary concerns might make you wonder if you should wait to buy. Here’s why inflation shouldn’t stop you from buying a home this year.

Homeownership Offers Stability and Security

Home prices have been steadily increasing for quite some time.  The  experts say they’re going to continue to climb throughout the year ahead. So, how can you protect yourself from rising costs of  food, shelter, entertainment, and other goods and services?  As a Buyer the answer is in housing.

Buying a home allows you to lock in your monthly mortgage payment for the foreseeable future. That means as other prices rise around you, your monthly housing payment (which is likely your largest recurring expense) will be consistent.  Thanks to a fixed-rate mortgage the bulk of your housing costs can be shielded from inflation.  For many that is peace of mind.

James Royal, Senior Wealth Management Reporter at Bankrate, says: “A fixed-rate mortgage allows you to maintain the biggest portion of housing expenses at the same payment. Sure, property taxes will rise and other expenses may creep up, but your monthly housing payment remains the
same. That’s certainly not the case if you’re renting.”  As a renter, you don’t get the same benefit, and you won’t be protected from rising housing costs.

As an added incentive to buy, remember that today’s mortgage interest rates may be rising, but know they’re still incredibly competitive compared to recent decades. In the 2000s, the average mortgage rate was 6.27%. In the 1990s, the average rate was 8.12%. While rising inflation decreases what your dollars can buy, lower mortgage rates help counteract it by boosting your purchasing power. This way, you can get more home for your money.

Lower rates help keep your monthly payments down. This is especially important during an inflationary period because you’ll want to protect yourself from the impact of rising rates and prices as much as possible.

Ali Wolf, Chief Economist at Zonda, explains: “If you have cash and are expecting inflation, you want to think through where you can put your money so it does not lose value. Housing is commonly looked at as a good inflation hedge, especially with interest rates so low.”

Since mortgage rates are projected to continue rising, it’s important to act sooner rather than later. If you’re ready to buy, plan on locking in your mortgage payments at the best possible rate.

Bottom Line
History shows the best hedge against inflation is a fixed housing cost. That’s why you shouldn’t let it stop you from buying a home this year. Not sure where to start? Let’s connect so you have expert advice at every step of the homebuying process.


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