EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE:  We are familiar with the area and your specific property. We have an extensive circle of current and past buyers and sellers and deep roots in the community; we have lived here, began our families, and participated in the community here, so we have knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools, and the current market. We have a proven marketing plan, backed by Canada’s Premier Real Estate Brokerage, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., we sell more homes in Oakville than any other Brokerage.   We have seen it all, so we know how to handle it all.

PROFESSIONAL NEGOTIATION SKILLS: Negotiation is more than just writing a counter-offer, it’s a carefully orchestrated approach that runs the length of the transaction. A good negotiator can be the difference between the successful sale of your house or a contract that falls apart. We have been doing this a long time, and we know how to smooth things over when difficult positions arise and represent your best interests without turning off potential buyers. Our job is to act as your advocate which sometimes means play the bad guy in order to reach our end goal.

LAW & CONTRACT KNOWLEDGE: It has become easy to find a house online these days, but because of the size of the investment is not recommended that you should do on your own.  Only an experienced professional who is closely familiar with the documents involved can catch all the potential problems or mistakes, ensure everyone complies with contractual obligations, and save you future expense. Once you accept an offer, there are particular deadlines and criteria that need to be met according to the contract. From drafting and negotiating counteroffers to amendments and addenda, our knowledge will keep your transaction on track.

AVAILABILITY:  Your agent should be available and capable of prompt and decisive action during the process of selling your home. Real Estate isn’t a 9-5 job, which is why we make sure that we are available at absolutely any time that you want to reach us with anything from major concerns to simple questions. That is one of the benefits of working with a strong brokerage, there is always someone available capable of backing up the agent the with knowledge of your deal to make sure nothing slows down.

COMMUNICATION:  We are totally dedicated to keeping you in the loop with all of the ins and outs of the process of selling your home. Our job is entirely focused around making everything go as smoothly as possible for you, not only coordinating the numerous administrative and clerical tasks related to the sale, but providing weekly feedback reports generated by the agents bringing buyers through the door so you know exactly where you stand.

PREFERRED PARTNER NETWORK:  Fueled by years of local experience, we have cultivated relationships with top industry professionals from mortgage brokers, financial planners and real estate lawyers to contractors and movers, to ensure that you get the very best from the Mary Taylor one-stop-shop.

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