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Canada's sixth largest city, and within 30 minutes of Toronto Mississauga truly celebrates its cultural diversity and energy. From the quaint villages of Port Credit and Meadowvale to the bustle of the Mississauga city centre, the residents of Mississauga enjoy a cosmopolitan and multicultural lifestyle. From the luxury homes on Mississauga Road, to the high rise condos at Square One the city offers a wide range of home styles and affordability. The city has a strong economy, and good infrastructure and continual population growth which drives investment and development. It has been rated as Canada’s 11th best city to live in terms of prosperity. The city celebrates its diversity with over 1200 restaurants representing 100 countries, and has an abundance of shops from boutique to world class shopping malls. Mississauga is the only Southern Ontario city with a major international airport where over 41 million people travel annually.

Mississauga's Community Events

Mississauga Historic and Cultural Museums
Explore the amazing Museums of Mississauga, such as the Bradley House, The Mississauga Art Gallery, The Sikh Heritage Museum, The Egyptian Museum. For more information: https://www.yoursauga.com/mississauga-museums
Mississauaga Summer Festival
Waterfront Festivals
Held in the middle of June, at Port Credit Memorial Park in Mississauga and the main target audience was families and concert fans. it is a carnival event with jugglers, balloon artists, and stilt walkers, strolling characters, face painters, clowns, foods of the world, kids events, music bands, and sixty assorted vendors and crafters. For more information|; https:// www.themwf.com
Mississauga Bolliwood Celebration
Celebration Square Cultural Festivals
Celebration square is a wonderful venue for many cultural celebrations watching world soccer on the screen or watching Canada Day fireworks. For more information: https://culture.mississauga.ca/celebration-square
The Living Arts Centre
The Living Arts Centre is a 225,000 square foot multi-use facility which opened in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in 1997. The Centre is visited by over 300,000 visitors annually, who come to view performing and visual arts programs, attend corporate meetings/conventions, or participate in a variety of community events. For more information\; https://www.livingartscentre.ca/courses-and-events
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